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Fireworks 2000
'Fireworks 2000' 50 x 50 cm. 2000

This was one of only 51 pieces accepted out of 1500 entries for the international Madeira Garne 'Fireworks 2000' exhibition celebrating the millennium, which was shown throughout Europe and in America. (In Roman numerals, 2000 = MM). Layered fabrics, machine embroidery; hand and machine quilted.
Namaqualand.gif 'Spring in Namaqualand' 1993

A stitched picture of the colourful swathes of Spring daisies in Namaqualand, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Hand painted and layered fabric with hand and machine embroidery, 
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"Enchanted Forest" 1994.
This hanging shows tall, silver-barked dead trees in a forest, covered with creepers, and with the forest floor covered in plants.
  Detail.gif Detail of "Enchanted Forest" (above)

A variety of techniques are seen here, including needle-weaving over wire to represent plant leaves.
  Supernova "Super Nova" 40x36 cm. Framed. 1988.

Hand embroidery, 3 dimensional textured piece with fabric manipulation. Contains porcupine quills, guinea-fowl feathers, bark paper, etc.
To TopUp to top Autum "Autumn" 71x65 cm. 2005.

Canvaswork and machine embroidery centre with a border of Reverse Appliqué on velvet.
  Boschendal "Boschendal" 52x41 cm. framed. 1990

Blackwork, hand embroidery. "Boschendal" is a Cape Dutch style wine farm in Franschhoek, in the Western Cape, South Africa. The work shows the chicken-coop and part of the barn on the estate. This piece formed part of a group exhibition held in the barn, in 1990.
  Byzantine "Byzantine" 81x47 cm. 1998.

Canvaswork, metallic and viscose threads, with bead embellishments. Norwich stitch worked on 3 different guages of canvas
To TopUp to top Celebration "Celebration" 62x62 cm. 2005.

A combination of Canvas work, Goldwork, Beadwork and Patchwork.
  Compass "Compass" 103x103 cm. 2004.

Hand and machine quilted with a Goldwork centre.
  Forest "Forest" 62x47 cm. Framed. 1998.

Hand embroidery on canvas & handmade paper using metallic and space-dyed threads.
To TopUp to top Hardanger House "Hardanger House" 50x34 cm. Framed. 1988.

Hardanger embroidery.

"Blackwork House" 2015 

A companion piece to the Hardanger House made previously.


"Canvas Work House" 48x38 cm. Framed. 1989.

Canvas work embroidery.

  Icon "Icon" 42x38 cm. 2005.

Goldwork (Or Nué) and canvas work with machine appliqué background and beadwork.
To TopUp to top Reflections "Reflections" 86x62 cm. 1994.

Hand quilted, hand & machine embroidery with free standing/hanging diamonds.
  Rivers & Forest "Rivers and Forests" 70x57 cm. Framed. 1993.

Hand and machine embroidery on silk.
  Rose Window "Rose Window" 92x72 cm. 2004

Appliqué and reverse appliqué hand and machine quilted using silk and hand-dyed fabrics.
To TopUp to top Saving the Whale "Saving the Whales" 73x52 cm. 1998.

Machine quilted, hand-dyed fabric and machine embroidery.
  Spring Gardens "Spring Garden" 52x48 cm. 2005.

Freehand stitchery and Canvas work bordered with folded silk and hand-dyed fabrics and beads.
  Spring "Spring" 64x52 cm. 2006.

Canvas work and mixed media with layered fabric borders, machine embroidery, wrapping and bead embellishment.
To TopUp to top Stained-Glass Window "Stained glass window" 85x70 cm. 2005.

Layered and machine-stitched fabrics, joined, cut and repositioned on silk. 
  Vertical Strata "Vertical Strata" 68x71 cm. 2006.

Couched threads - wool, metallic and wrapped cords and beads.
  Triplet "Triptych"  60x170 cm. 2006

Top and bottom panels have reverse appliqué and trapunto centres. The centre panel is "Walneto stitch" variation on canvas. All three panels have machine stitching and folded fabric borders embellished with beads.
What When Where? "What, when, where?" Approx. 20x30 cm. 2002.

Canvas work and freestyle stitching with heated glass-fibre paper and beads. Mounted on handmade paper.
Geometric "Geometric" 39x39 cm. 2007.

Mixed media piece with canvas work stitchery, leather, machine-wrapped sticks, moulded high-density foam and beads etc.
  Seascape "Seascape" 51x54 cm. 2009.

Hand and machine embroidery, with layered fabrics embellished with beads.
  "Rock Crystal" 35x42 cm. 2009.

Hand and machine embroidery, worked on a background created using an embellisher. 
"Hanging Segments" 35x42 cm. 1998.

Canvaswork pieces edged with free machine embroidery in gold thread, hung from hand-made cords. 


Detail of "Hanging Segments" (above)



"Snow Queens Cloak Fragment" 2013

Hand and machine embroidery and textures createdusing an embellisher machine.

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"Bougainvillaea Hardanger" 2010

Worked in hand-dyed threads and perlé cotton on linen.


Scottish Diaspora Panel: 2016

Made for inclusion in the Scottish Diaspora Embroidery. It depicts Andrew Geddes Bain, born in Scotland, who was the South African Surveyor-General, Roads Engineer, Geologist and Palaeontologist.


"Wild Fire" 2017

A small hanging: hand and machine embroidery.


"Glacial Melt" 2013

Hand embroidery and manipulated fabrics and thread, with beads on a silk background.

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"Bayeux-Stitch Birds" 2013

A series of birds inspired by a bird found in the border of the Bayeux Tapestry. 



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